BWC offers repairs on all different types of turbines including:

BWC Turbine Modifications

We had a customer which had a Worthington Turbine leaking excessive amounts of steam from the packing case areas. We designed a modification utilizing Labyrinth Seals. Our customer approved the design and we implemented it. Below are pictures of this modification at the point of installation.

BWC Turbine Modifications

BWC Turbine Modifications

Coppus Turbine Overhauls

Coppus RL20L

Coppus RLA20

Coppus TVF-22L

Elliott Turbine Overhauls

BYRH Turbine is being crated for shipment

BYRH Turbine setup for a Valtek Acuator Control

Elliot CYR Turbine

BYR Turbine with Closed Oil System

DYR Turbine with Tachometer and Closed Oil System

2-NS-9 Turbine Generator be prepared for delivery back to Penn State University

BYRT in shipping crate


Terry Turbine Modifications

Terry Type 24Z Turbine

Terry Type G

Turbodyne Turbine Modifications

Turbodyne SST-503

Westinghouse Turbine Modifications

Westinghouse CH-25

Worthington Turbine Modifications

Worthington – Moore Turbine

Worthington U2R Turbine