BWC Technologies will satisfy all your repair needs, from component repairs to complete unit repairs. We can provide the technical support guidance you need at the job site, as well as fast turn key service at your location or at our facility.


Turbine and Compressor Repair

BWC Technologies developed numerous innovative and proven concepts for turbines, compressors and packaged units including:

  1. Scheduled Maintenance Programs
  2. Parts Reconditioning:
    • Bearings
    • Carbon Seal Assemblies
    • Pinion Journals and Seal Areas
    • Gear Journals and Seal Areas
    • Heat Exchangers
  3. Improved Plant Air Compressors or Intercooler Housing Coatings to retard corrosion and erosion
  4. Complete equipment rebuilding and updating
  5. Heat Exchanger updating to improve materials
  6. Turbine Governor modifications
  7. Shaft Grinding
  8. Reverse Engineering
  9. Fabrication
  10. Welding
  11. HVOF spray with super finish
  12. CNC Capabilities
  13. Precision Machining