At BWC Technologies, we recondition customer turbine and compressor parts on a regular basis. The methods used depend on the particular part and its application. Below are some common examples:

STEAM CUTS IN CASTINGS: BWC Technologies welds in the the areas that are cut and machine or grind as required. 

SCORING ON SHAFTS: BWC Technologies prepares the areas scored by machining and build back up by HVOF spray, flame metal spray or hard chrome. After build up, BWC Technologies machines or grinds back to the proper dimension.

EROSION & CORROSION ON TURBINE ROTORS: On turbine rotors it is common for the blade and shroud integrity to be compromised. If it is not to severe, we have HVOF products that we apply to prolong the life of the rotor without replacing the blades and shroud. We have customers that mandate we HVOF spray their new rotor assembly blades and shroud so they are protected from this kind of damage from the beginning. If the blade and shroud damage is too severe, but the wheel is still sound BWC Technologies will remove the old blades and shroud and replace them with new ones.

EROSION & CORROSION ON OTHER PARTS: If the imperfections are not to deep, BWC Technologies can sometimes simply machine a surface until it is cleaned up. When damage is more severe, BWC Technologies will weld and machine as required to put the part back into service.