Your business demands a lot from your turbine and compressor equipment. Between maintenance cycles it runs in the background putting up with forces such as friction, thermal expansion, contraction cycles, corrosion, vibration, and sometimes rotating element failures. If allowed to go unchecked, these forces can ultimately render a machine in a state which is beyond repair.

To keep your turbine and compressor equipment functioning properly and downtime to a minimum BWC Technologies tests components to find defects while they are still small and manageable. To accomplish this we conduct in-house magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspection using a variety of methods.

Fluorescent magnetic particle inspection allows effective and relatively fast detection of issues such as as cracks in iron or steel casings caused by the combination of porosity hidden in the piece since formation and the thermal cycling which it endures through daily operation. Magnetic particle inspection can even find these cracks when they are still below the surface of the metal.

Water washable penetrant inspection enables our technicians to detect surface cracks and porosity too small to be seen with the naked eye on any material from aluminum to non-porous ceramics.

Solvent removable visible penetrant and dry magnetic particle inspection are employed during the repair process to ensure the defect is thoroughly and completely removed and corrected. In addition, visible penetrant inspection is used to check the journals on shafts due to the non-magnetic nature of some wear-resistant coatings used in the industry.

When you receive one of BWC Technologies certified inspection reports that states “No Defects Found” you can be assured that your equipment is structurally sound.