BWC Technologies has been servicing multi-stage turbine and compressor rotors for over twenty-five years. When BWC Technologies receives a multi-stage turbine rotor or compressor rotor, digital pictures are taken, a visual inspection is performed, the shaft is polished, and a complete dimension and concentricity report is created.  In addition, the rotor is blasted cleaned and non-destructively tested for cracks. BWC Technologies will re-take digital pictures of any problems that need to be addressed.

At this point, we take the findings and provide a detailed quote to our customer. Our customers are free to schedule a time to come tour our facility in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania to see their rotor first-hand and to review our quote with us in person or to discuss the quote over the phone.

Some common repairs include:

  • Bearing Journal repair
  • Seal area repair
  • Carbon Area repair
  • Inter-Stage Carbon Area repair
  • Trimming Shrouds due to excessive runout
  • Re-Blading of rotor discs
  • Total rotor disc replacement
  • Total rotor replacement

We also supply new parts such as:

  • Bearing Liners
  • Thrust Bearing Assemblies / Parts
  • Labyrinth Oil Seals
  • Carbon Ring Assemblies
  • Couplings
  • Sealants for re-assembly

A completely new rotor assembly. Viewed from the coupling end.

Same rotor viewed from the thrust end.

A rotor in process.

A brand new multi-stage rotor shaft.

A bearing liner.