BWC had this machine custom built to meet the
needs of piening the blade tenons.

Blading new Rotor DiscsRe-Blading used Rotor Discs and Blading Reversing Segments is a service expertly performed on a regular basis here at BWC Technologies. 

BWC technologies manufactures all the components needed. The rotor wheels, reverse bucket holders, blades, spacers and shrouds. Rotor wheels are commonly made from ASME SA516 Grade 70 Boiler Plate and 4140 or 4340 Forgings. The Tradename “T1” equivalent A514 is also available on request. Our bucket holders for reversing segments are also made from ASME SA516 Grade 70 Boiler Plate with an upgrade to 410 Stainless Steel as an option. BWC machines our blades from 403 Stainless Steel and manufactures our own shrouds from 410 Stainless Steel.

We keep a full line of bladed wheels and reversing segments for the Elliott Single Stage YR line in stock and ready to go. Which means you can purchase the wheels only or have us assemble them on one of our in-stock shafts for a quick turnaround rotor, ready to drop into your turbine.

We also manufacture complete Multi-Stage Rotors and Reversing Segments for ElliottMurray, WorthingtonG.E. (General Electric).

Finished Reversing Segments

A New Rotor

blading pictures

Some Different Blade Styles

Shroud fitted over blade tenons

Curtis / Profile Disc